HERO Generation is a positive education framework that supports both staff and student well-being. Built upon Plasticity’s HERO Traits (Hope, Efficacy, Resilience, Optimism), HERO Generation provides educators with tools to build a positive school culture where students can flourish.

How it Works

HERO Generation™ schools infuse these social-emotional traits into the fabric of the school culture.

The framework is unique to each school and can be incorporated into existing school-wide initiatives and classroom activities. Classroom learning using existing curriculum is built using the lens of HERO Traits™.

Activities range from setting personal / group goals, identifying core values, to celebrations of uniqueness and positive social media presence. Using the framework, a common language and understanding develop between staff, students and families as the traits are defined and put into practice.

Families support social-emotional learning at home and receive regular communication from the school through emails, social media, school websites and attending school activities. Students not only learn the evidenced-based theory of each trait, but they put these skills into action at school and home every day.

HERO Schools

Staff Resource Portal

Staff and members of HERO Generation can access the online portal, complete with resources for schools, classroom activities, lessons, videos, access to webinars, resources for families and more!

Classroom Materials

Get access to classroom downloads including posters, calendars, activities, sample lessons and guidebooks.

Family Resources

Access downloadable activities and resources for home, that can be shared with students and families.