Privacy Policy

Plasticity Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy is subject to change without notice. If you have any questions feel free to contact us directly here:

This policy was last updated on May 15, 2017.

1. Definitions
“Plasticity Instance” means the application accessible via your login and password on a unique company URL webpage (or mobile application signin) provided to you as agreed upon between your Company and Plasticity Labs Inc.

The application will be identified as your “Plasticity Instance” and any page within the application, including user profile pages, may be updated at any time.

“We,” “Our” or “Us” means Plasticity Labs Inc..

“The Company” and following with “Their” means the Plasticity Labs Inc. Administrator.

“You” or “Your” means you as an individual, and any company or organization for whom you are using the Plasticity Labs Inc. User Community.

2. Browser Cookies
Browser ‘cookies’ are text-only information that a website transfers to and from a user’s browser for record-keeping purposes. Cookies allow the website to remember important information to make your use of the website more enjoyable and consistent. A cookie typically contains the name of the domain it came from, an expiry date, and a randomly generated unique value or some other brief snippet of data.
Like many websites, Plasticity uses cookies for things like: Improving your experience (e.g. storing your account preferences, or delivering personalized content)
Producing analytics (via Google Analytics and other tools), which allows us to analyze user activity in order to fix and improve Plasticity. We use such analysis to gain insights about how to improve the functionality and experience of Plasticity
3. Your data
The Plasticity Instance does not share personal information with third parties
We may anonymize Your data in order to analyze and optimize your Plasticity Instance experience, content and experience.
As stated in our Terms of Use, it is Your responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of Your account and Your usage of the Plasticity Instance
You are responsible for Your activities in Your Plasticity Instance account(s).
We are not responsible for any content republished from the Plasticity Instance on other applications, websites without our permission.